A Collaborative Research Project by a Community of Practice on Harnessing Renewable Green Energy in Sustaining Community Greenhouse at Haliburton, Ontario

As part of the Masters of Arts in Sustainability Studies Program at Trent University, the graduate intern will engage in a community-based research group that looks into the local community needs at Haliburton, Ontario. Specifically, the graduate intern will work with a host partner organization, Abbey Gardens Community Trust, to understand the local food security needs arising from the harsh local climate, as well as to procure adequate project resources to implement a community greenhouse project with the host partner. Together with the research group, the graduate intern shall focus on designing, upgrading, and testing a unique ‘double-hooped’ green-tech passive greenhouse that is expected to improve and to extend the planting window of the existing greenhouses within the host partner farming site. This will allow the host partner to provide fresh green salads, herbs, small plants, tubulars, and other vegetable directly to the local Haliburton community across all four seasons.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Whillans


Kai Loon Chung


Abbey Gardens


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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