A combined fluid dynamic and strain analysis approach for non-invasive estimate of local aortic wall properties and aortic wall strength mapping

Aortic aneurysms are the result of a complex process that culminates in an irreversible loss of structural integrity of the aortic wall with consequent weakening and dilatation associated with rupture risk and high mortality. Clinicians have expressed strong interest in information that would help them determine the actual structural integrity of the vessel and guide disease management with the potential to decrease risk for rupture and mortality.
We propose an approach that combines information on the fluid dynamics of blood, one of the factors involved in the process that weakens the aorta, and deformation as a means to non-invasively estimate the local state of the aortic wall. This technology will provide clinicians with a tool to virtually “touch” the aorta and assess its local strength. The intern will develop the combined approach by integrating the technology of the partner organization with descriptors of aortic fluid dynamics and providing a complete workflow for the definition of a novel index aimed at estimating the local risk of rupture of the aortic wall for individual AAAs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elena Di Martino;Artem Korobenko


Arianna Forneris


ViTAA Medical Solutions Inc.






University of Calgary


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