A Commercialization and Corporate Strategy for a Cultivator Planter machine attachment

The industry partner for this development internship is a company working in the area of Forestry and Agriculture Manufacturing located in Quesnel. The company is preparing to grow rapidly with a new product development (still in the R&D phase), market feasibility and commercialization aspects for the same. The new product being developed by the company- the VHCP (Van Horlick Cultivator Planter) is the next generation of mechanized tree planting systems. The VHCP is an attachment that can be fitted to the arm of any excavator/back-hoe loader etc and enable mechanized tree planting with expected planting rate of nearly 10 times that of a single person. The project centers around developing an aggressive corporate strategy for the market entry of the product, rigorous market research to demonstrate a demand for such a product and extensive economic research with product application.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Peter Nemetz


Amitava Pradhan


Tim C Van Horlick Forestry Inc.






University of British Columbia



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