A Community-Based Participatory Action Research Project to Examine How People Who Use Drugs are Represented in Anti-Stigma Campaigns and How Anti-Stigma Work Can be Made More Inclusive

Through a review of existing anti-stigma campaigns targeting stigma towards people who use drugs (PWUD) and a series of focus groups conducted with marginalized PWUD, this community-based research project will explore how anti-stigma campaigns can be made more inclusive of all PWUD, especially those most severely impacted by stigma. The project is being guided by a community advisory board made up of drug user activists from the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) and findings will be mobilized to advocate for improved efforts to address the stigma PWUD face in the current overdose crisis. As VANDU is an organization that regularly consults with governments and policy makers on drug policy (including anti-stigma interventions) and also engages in its own advocacy campaigns this research will benefit the partner organization by informing and empowering its members in their ongoing work to fight stigma and advocate for the rights of PWUD.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Schmitt


Scott Neufeld


Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users




Health care and social assistance


Simon Fraser University



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