A Community-Focused Pilot Project to Control the Impact of the Invasive Green Crab on the Native Lobster Population in Fortune Bay

This is a community focused two-year pilot project which brings together community leaders, the public, Memorial University, and Government Researchers to control the impact Green Crab have on the lobster and the environment in Fortune Bay. The proposed project has four component parts: 1) Community based coastal and intertidal removal and control 2) Community-based composting and fertilizer research 3) Lobster and Green Crab trapping and impact research and, 4) Education and outreach.
This project does not promote commercialization of an aquatic invasive species but control and utilization for mitigation cost recovery. Lobster and Green Crab interaction research will be focused on the impact Green Crab has on lobster during trapping, as well as interaction of lobster and Green Crab in their natural environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Iain McGaw;Cynthia McKenzie


Michael G Piersiak


Town of Harbour Breton




Information and cultural industries


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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