A community-orientated “skills for success” research project

This research internship project with Ms. Birdsall shall investigate and develop a functional plan for a corporate social investment (CSI) model that integrates: (i) Douglas College’s Skills for Success recommendations with the industry partner’s current CSI program and future Social & Labour Plan [SLP] obligations; and (ii) the capabilities and potential resources of the South African partners – Northwest University and Orbit College, located in Rustenburg near the industry partner’s WBJV mine. In order to assess the proposed projects for feasibility and priority, several methods will be used. Semi-structured interviews will be conducted with both community members and key partners. The goal of the interviews is to determine whether these proposed projects are suitable for the local community and whether the key partners are able to fulfill their role in implementing the proposed projects. To gain a consensus on the priorities of the proposed project, the Delphi method and other decision-making methods will be used and adapted.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Craig Janes


Katie Birdsall


Platinum Group Metals Limited


Public administration


Mining and quarrying


Simon Fraser University



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