A comparative analysis of good governance in Canada and Vietnam to enable civil society organizations to participate as a central development actor

The overall aim of the research is to increase the influence of citizens in governance activities in Vietnam through bilateral development assistance from Canada. The research will compare the Canadian and Vietnamese characterization of “governance” and “good governance,” notably how governance is conceptualized and measured. The research will document specific Canadian approaches to and international norms for engaging civil society organizations in governance processes, in comparison to Vietnam. The research will identify and provide specific recommendations on opportunities for governance programming in Vietnam (at national assembly law and policy making and national ministry levels) that are in accordance with international norms and draw on Canadian and Vietnamese experiences. The researcher will then support the planning and design of an overall $12 million five-year governance program in Vietnam, and how it should be implemented and reviewed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kenneth Christie


David Josey


SALASAN Consulting Inc.




Management of companies and enterprises


Royal Roads University



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