A comparative study of microwave-assisted rock fragmentation versus other explosive-free rock breakage technologies

The conventional mining method relies on drilling into a mass of rock, filling the holes with explosive materials, and blasting them. This process leads to extracting the valuable minerals out of mines. But blasting operation can cause several environmental issues like dust generation, ground vibration and so force. Additionally, there are some rich resources that cannot be used with these conventional mining methods. Explosive-free rock breakage technologies look promising in the way of addressing environmental issues. The proposed project aims to equip the intern with sufficient knowledge in this area as well as providing a clear image of the possible niches in the future of explosive-free rock breakage technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Seyed Ali Ghoreishi-Madiseh;Ferri Hassani;Agus Sasmito


Mohammad Amin Shadi Diznab


Sandvik Mining and Construction Canada Inc.






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