A comparison of the geology of stratabound high grade V, Ni, Mo, and PGE mineralization at the Rod property Yukon Territory and other highly metalliferous shales in Yukon and China.

In this project the intern will preform detailed geological mapping and where available drill core logging at a series of sites of known highly metalliferous shales in the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories. This will be followed by detailed reflected and transmitted light optical microscopy. Select samples will be further analysed using scanning electron microscope. This will allow comparisons of these less well understood occurrences (Rod, Van, Harvest, Harlot, and Harlow properties) with the better understood occurrences elsewhere in Yukon and China. This will facilitate construction of a geological model that will aid in future target generation and exploration. It will also provide a sample set for detailed geochemical analysis that will be the basis of the interns MSc dissertation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Gregory


Daryll Bien Concepcion


Strategic Metals Ltd


Geography / Geology / Earth science




University of Toronto



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