A Computational Modelling Framework for Evaluation of Pandemic Vaccine Strategies

Medicago, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, has the potential to rapidly develop a vaccine in response to a newly sequenced influenza strain, allowing for large-scale vaccination of the population very early during a pandemic. The company would like to know how many doses of vaccine is required and what distribution strategies should be used to maximize population-wide benefits of vaccination in the event of an influenza pandemic. We will use our agent-based model to determine the required number of vaccine doses and distribution rates under constraints of vaccine manufacturing capacity and delivery. We will communicate the outcomes of this project with Medicago, so that effective communications can take place between Medicago and its customers worldwide. In addition to mitigating the negative effects of a pandemic on the Canadian economy, Medicago will use this technology to improve its market share and to become more competitive nationally and internationally.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marek Laskowski


David Champredon


University of Guelph








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