A Condition Based Monitoring Pilot for the Baggage Handling System at the Pearson International Airport

Maintenance of baggage handling equipment, passenger boarding bridges and aircraft support equipment currently costs the Pearson International Airport (PIA) $10M annually. Much of this cost is associated with routine inspections, replacing drives, lifts and similar industrial process equipment. Current maintenance undertaken by PIA is reactive; replacing or repairing parts on the equipment after break-down. This is an expensive process. In this proposal, the intern will implement a condition based maintenance pilot on the baggage handling system (BHS) at PIA. An online vibration monitoring system will be implemented to collect vibration data from the BHS and this data will be interrogated to provide valuable information regarding their state in addition to the event data. This condition information will be combined to calculate the reliability of the unit as a function of its current condition and age, through a proportional hazard model and will be used for inspection planning.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sriram Narasimhan


Ali Ashasi Sorkhabi


Greater Toronto Airports Authority


Engineering - civil


Aerospace and defense


University of Waterloo



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