A database management for developing an environmental management system for a mining project.

The economic benefits of mining can be offset by potential damages of environmental degradation and contamination if proper mitigation measures are not implemented. Prior to mining activities, there is a need to perform meticulous comprehensive environment risk assessment. The environment risk assessment is a process for organizing and analyzing data, assumptions and uncertainties to evaluate the probability of adverse ecological effects that may occur as a result of exposure to contaminants. Organization, analysis and interpretation of these data are extremely important to determine the potential adverse environmental impacts using integrated modelling framework and suggest mitigation strategies for protecting the environment without jeopardizing economic development. This research will help transforming historical raw data into useable format by designing, creating and implementing a suitable database. This will lead to develop EMS for informed decision-making for Morrison Copper/Gold mining Project. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rehan Sadiq, Dr. Solomon Tesfamariam


Getnet Dubale Betrie


Pacific Booker Minerals (PBM) Inc.




Mining and quarrying


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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