A Device for the Effective Use of Composted Chicken Manure in Hydroponics Systems

Innovative agricultural methods may be able to provide affordable food and vegetables in Canada’s North. In support of this, Choice North Farms has partnered with PolarPonics to develop a ‘PoultryPonics’ facility that will reduce production costs by integrating chicken and hydroponic production with an automated composting system. To effectively do this, they will require optimal methodologies for composting chicken manure which will need a high-precision, high-frequency sampling device to measure the nutrient content of the manure solutions that are produced. Peter Tikasz at McGill University has performed preliminary work on composting manure and on the development of device composed of Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs) to measure the quality of the manure solutions. Peter will continue this work in conjunction with northern agricultural partners which will lead to the development of a northern-tested prototype device that will have applicability for any horticultural operation that utilizes manure-based compost.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Lefsrud


Peter Tikasz


Choice North Farms








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