A Feasibility Study of a Measure of Resiliency in a Vulnerable Population

Managing daily life can be overwhelming when living with low income, mental illness, addiction, and social isolation/discrimination. When crises occur, intergenerational cycles of trauma can result. Social support and strength can be found in families and support systems, but these are often not ideal. This research project will result in a measurement of resiliency in a vulnerable population at Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) Health Education Housing. We will include resiliency in: economic (housing, food, education); social-emotional (community involvement, self-regulation, and involvement in the justice system); physical and mental health; and childhood development. We will engage with clients in developing a measure of resiliency, and make sure that it is a good fit for measuring resiliency in this vulnerable population. We will copyright and share this CUPS Resiliency Matrix (RMX) with other agencies in Calgary, provincially, nationally, and internationally.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carla Ginn


Rose-Marie Dolinar


Calgary Urban Project Society




Medical devices




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