A filter cartridge for removal of drugs and estrogens from drinking water

The research problem to be addressed in this project concerns the need for advanced water filtering systems that will remove traces of pharmaceuticals and estrogen hormones from drinking water. This problem is significant because these contaminants, that enter water as a result of human use, have been found in river water, treatment plant effluents and drinking water worldwide and, despite their presence at very low concentrations, may contribute to adverse health effects. The focus of the project is the use of a form of nano-scale cellulose in filters that will bind and remove the contaminants. The project is a collaborative effort between two groups at the University of British Columbia and ALPAC, a nanocellulose manufacturer in Alberta.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mu Chiao


Roozbeh Yousefnejad


Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices




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