A Framework for Enhancing Fire Safety Engineering Education in Quebec

Our proposal continues our SFPE International research project on Anthropometric Data and Movement Speeds but directs the project’s goal to enhancing fire engineering resource development and research dissemination in Quebec. Our proposal is multi-staged. We primarily focus on the finalization of the compilation of existing emergency movement data which can be used by various engineering consultancies conducting ASET / RSET analyses or alternative solutions for egress management. Our movement data would come from our own collected research recorded before 2019 (which broadly includes pedestrian behavior in emergency and non-emergency circulation studies in stadiums, cultural centers, train stations, etc., with special considerations for accessibility, upwards/downwards movement, etc.). Our secondary research focus involves the development, preparation and conduction of a module series of Human Behavior in Fire for the first time in North America conducted in French, to ensure Canadian accessibility. As well as the enhancement of other tailored education resources that can be used by all Canadian practitioners. These module series will utilize the analyzed data taken from these previously recorded footages.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Gales


Chloe Jeanneret;Georgette Harun


SFPE Conseil St-Laurent


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


York University



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