A hidden history: Gentrification in four London, Ontario Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs)

Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs) in London Ontario are a success story of architectural heritage preservation. There has been a rapid expansion of designated districts in the city, with the first appearing in 1992 and six more in the years since, with seven more currently on the books. This research will consider residents who relocated outside of the City’s four earliest HCDs post designation, and the reasons for their movement. An animated map will be created, displaying the data in both space and time. The second stage of this research will uncover the hidden histories of the people who have moved from these districts following designation, through oral interviews. This will create a historic record of an unexplored period in the history of HCDs. The partner organisation will benefit through a deeper understanding of the impacts of HCD designation on existing residents, which will inform future HCD designation projects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michelle Hamilton


Wes Kinghorn


Nancy Z. Tausky Heritage Consultants




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