A Hierarchic Parametric Geometric Modelling for Aerodynamics Shapes

Bombardier Aerospace, a world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from regional aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, is interested in technology developments that improve aerodynamic design methods. One of their objectives is to improve the process in which aerodynamic parameters are introduced within the optimization process to facilitate the application of geometric and aerodynamic constraints. Since École Polytechnique has been developing for some years methods which represents aerodynamic surfaces using parametric modelling, it was natural to get a MITACS intern who would specifically bring this expertise within the design environment of Bombardier Aerospace Advanced Aerodynamic Department. The research team from École Polytechnique began the project by using a newly developed wing geometric modelling module to study the behavior of different interpolation techniques and to determine which one provided the best representation for a wide range of aerodynamic shapes. Secondly, the team implemented this new tool within the company's optimization software to enable aerodynamic optimizations using on-site Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools. This allowed testing of the module's performance in comparison to existing approaches in use at the company. Based on these tests, modifications will be added in the parameterization to better meet industrial needs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jean-Yves Trepanier


Sylvain Marier


Bombardier Aerospace




Aerospace and defense


Polytechnique Montréal



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