A Human-Friendly Magneto-Rheological –Based Robot

The objective of the proposed research is the development of a new type of industrial robots that are capable of safely interacting with humans. These new robots are expected to transform industrial automation by providing a robotic platform that allows integration of man and machine in a safe and functional manner. Our main challenges are to meet the strictest safety standards using technologies that render industrial robots qualified for entering human workspaces and at the same time provide a cost effective and intuitive means of interaction with the robots. None of this is possible based on today’s safety standards and existing technologies. Thus, the research revolves around a new actuation mechanism for robot manipulators that addresses many shortcomings of the existing robots in terms of safety and performance. The end result is a new breed of industrial robots that not only reduce robotic related workplace injuries but present an entirely new avenue in robotic applications. To this effect, WORLDiscoveries™, the partner organization of the project, will provide assistance towards commercialization of the developed technology and introduction of the new technology to other potential industrial partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mehrdad R. Kermani


Alexander Shafer






Information and communications technologies


Western University



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