A Leadership Development Model for Youth in Urban Communities

This internship will extend a research partnership between For Youth Initiative (FYI) organization and the Applied Social Welfare Research and Evaluation Group at the School of Social Work, York University. The internship project will build a comprehensive leadership development model that articulates best and promising evidence-based practices for engaging and building the leadership capacity of youth and youth-led organisations in urban communities. This model will be attentive to the structural constraints that youth in marginalized urban communities experience. Secondly, the internship model will develop an evaluation strategy and tools so that FYI can understand the outcomes for youth and youth-led organisations of its leadership development activities. The intern will conduct a comprehensive review of the literature, analyze and review FYI’s database to understand effective programs, and integrate the findings from these to develop a leadership development model for youth. The model will be shared with community stakeholders and revised to incorporate their feedback.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Uzo Anucha


Rebecca Houwer


For Youth Initiative


Social work




York University



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