A learning mobile application dedicated to provide education to children in developing countries

This research project with the industry partner DataWind inc. is an interdisciplinary project that joins together Education, Learning system engineering, and Human-machine interactions. The challenge is to combine these four disciplines contributions in order to create a learning system for mobile devices that will be adapted to the individual self-learning, particularly for children in developing countries. Therefore, this project will focus on three main objectives: (i) specify the instructional design of learning scenarios and activities using games on tablet for children in developing countries; (ii) the design of a serious game architecture for support the identified learning content; (iii) the design of children-tablet interactions to support the learning scenarios identified previously. Through this project Datawind inc. will be able to introduce a first learning application for its line of tablets that will place the company in position of leaders on the market and will have also good impacts on the education of children in developing countries, where there tablets are marketed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Hotte, Emmanuel Duplàa, Mickaël Gardoni


Emmanuel O. Taiwo, Isabelle Aubuchon, Colombiano Kedowide, Ramzi Gannouni, Saad Abdessettar




Computer science


Information and communications technologies





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