A mixed-methods pilot pragmatic randomized controlled trial examining the real-world effectiveness of the MOVR mobile application

There are thousands of mobile apps available for download that are geared towards health and fitness, yet limited research evaluating the real-world effectiveness of such apps exists. The MOVR app is designed specifically to enhance one’s functional abilities, fitness, and functional well-being through personalized exercise prescriptions based on individual needs. While MOVR has had anecdotal success, the app’s effectiveness at influencing physical function, fitness, and wellbeing, and its ability to enhance the quality and enjoyment of physical activity has not yet been established empirically. The objective of this research will be to examine the real-world effectiveness of MOVR for improving functional movement and perceptions of health, and to better understand individual experiences with using the MOVR app. The study will involve an 8-week pilot pragmatic randomized controlled trial (RCT) whereby participants will be randomly assigned to either 8 weeks of use of the MOVR app or 8 weeks waitlist control.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mary Jung


Matthew Stork


Lululemon Athletica








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