A mobile soil-flushing and enhanced oxidation (MSFEOP) system for the remediation of petroleum brownfields

Petroleum contamination in soil and groundwater caused by the leakage of underground storage tank is one of the most frequently occurred incidents in North America. The cost of remediation can be significantly increased if the contamination was not treated in time or the site is far away from the waste management facility. a mobile soil-flushing and enhanced oxidation (MSFEOP) system is therefore developing for an accessible and affordable options for site remediation. This project is to develop simulation and optimization models for the system with lab-scale experiment data, and case studies of petroleum brownfields. Optimized solutions for site remediation will be generated in scenario based on the preference of potential customers. The outcomes would help validate the idea and commercialize the system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bing Chen


Bo Liu


Springboard Atlantic




Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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