A mobile tree mapping application for Toronto urban parks

The purpose of this Mitacs Accelerate project is to create a cross-platform mobile tree mapping application that would serve as a learning resource and participatory interface for citizen engagement concerning urban tree stewardship. The tool will be prototyped for Grange Park, a prominent and heavily used urban park in downtown Toronto. Development of the mobile mapping tool will use HTML5 with several Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and libraries such as jQuery and Google Maps/Fusion Tables. The project has two organizational partners. Toronto’s Park People is supporting the project as a way to assist with its goal of mobilizing Toronto residents who care about parks to address challenges facing urban public spaces. Urban Forest Associates Inc. (UFORA) believe that the proposed tool, in the hands of the public, could translate into increased demand for both tree care and sustainable urban ecological planning, two services for which it specializes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andrew Millward


Nickesh Bhagat


Urban Forest Associates Inc.


Geography / Geology / Earth science




Ryerson University



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