A Multi-Case Study to Advancing Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Performance Management Strategies

The role of accountants, especially in today’s fast changing data-driven world, is continually evolving. Responding to the technological advancements as well as to the increasing amounts and complexity of data available, accountants need to develop skills that go beyond their traditional training. Businesses and their accounting departments need to be able to not only collect information through billing, reporting, and operations, but also need to be able to evaluate and analyze the information received from internal and external sources. The results of this analysis impact the company’s performance as well as business strategy formulation, risk assessment, growth, and mitigation practices. The amount of data available also raises ethical and professional concerns including the ownership of the data and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) applied to it.
The following research project seeks to evaluate the role of data analytics in accounting practices and performance assessment, and the use of AI in company performance improvements, strategic planning, and risk mitigation. This project will help better understand how accountants can offer additional value-add services to a company and/or its clients/customers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Renee Majeau;Ryan Young


Alex Geertsen


Durabuilt Windows & Doors




Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology



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