A multi-center prospective, Randomized study To determine the effects of Exercise Managed Intervention Study (ARTEMIS)


Metabolic syndrome is a clustering of risk factors that increases the risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Exercise improves these risk factors, but it is difficult to get people to engage in lifestyle changes. We will test the effectiveness of prescribed exercise to improve fitness and cardiovascular risk factors in a rural population. We will look at whether remote self-monitoring technology has any added benefit. To examine this, half of the participants will receive a technology kit with a Blackberry smartphone equipped with Healthanywhere software, a Bluetooth enabled glucometer and blood pressure monitor and a pedometer. This group will actively monitor their own blood sugars, blood pressure and steps walked per day over the course of the study (1 year). The control group will keep a paper log of their exercise. Ultimately we would like to see whether there are any differences in the change in cardiovascular risk factors between the two groups.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Petrella


Melanie Stuckey


Sykes Assistance Services




Life sciences


Western University



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