A Needs Assessment of Community Resources and Services for People with Cancer and Their Families in New Brunswick

This research is aiming to discover the experiences of people with a cancer diagnosis and their families in terms of accessing and receiving medical and support services and resources in New Brunswick, and any perceived gaps and barriers they have encountered during their journey. Additionally, this research will explore what a supportive care centre for people with a cancer diagnosis and their families would ideally look like in New Brunswick. The intern will conduct interviews and surveys to assess the cancer experiences of people with a cancer diagnosis, their families, and their formal/informal caregivers. The intern will then analyze the data through finding common themes and meanings in the participants’ shared experiences. This project will promote community partnerships between the University of New Brunswick and the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). It will benefit CCS as the research findings will provide insight into the needs and experiences of people with cancer diagnoses and their families, and allow the partner organization to gain a greater understanding provincial resources and support services that can aid people through their cancer journey.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shelley Doucet


Simal Qureshi


Canadian Cancer Society




Other services (except public administration)


University of New Brunswick



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