A new automated approach for Engineering Design and Manufacturing Specification generation

RPS Composites Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of corrosion-resistant (fibre reinforced plastic/polymer) FRP and Dual Laminate equipment from piping systems to ducts, stacks, hoods, covers, cells, and other miscellaneous custom equipment. Their engineering team has used different design methods provided in the codes and standards. The current process of designing and generating the manufacturing specifications is observed to be very time-consuming. The goal of this project will be to automate and optimize the current design process and manufacturing-specifications generation of the processes. This automated system will benefit the partner organization in improving the speed and accuracy of their design processes. This project will also aim to improve the documentation and archival of the company’s historical data for effective reference in future

Faculty Supervisor:

Alison Olechowski


Pranav Milind Khanolkar


RPS Composites


Engineering - mechanical




University of Toronto



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