A New Decision-Support Tool for the Treatment of Patients Suffering from a Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament

After a ligament injury to the knee, clinicians must decide on an optimal treatment for their patient. In most cases, they prescribe either conservative therapies (physiotherapy with or without orthotics) or surgery (which allows doctors to use two different grafts). The Centre du genou Emovi proposes a biomechanical assessment to better understand the functional status of the knee and to determine more accurately the appropriate treatment option. The purpose of this proposed project is to develop a decision-support system that reduces uncertainty regarding the optimal treatment option for patients suffering from a ligament injury. To this end, we plan to develop hybrid methods based on the use of neuron networks and fuzzy logic. Ultimately, this will allow doctors to identify the optimal treatment option for their patients based on biomechanical tests.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jacques de Guise


Alexandre Fuentes


Emovi Inc.




Life sciences


École de technologie supérieure



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