A new flow cytometry platform to evaluate the efficacy of immunotherapies and vaccines

The development of effective immunotherapies, vaccines and immunomodulatory drugs are the main success stories from the last years in drugs development for cancer, infectious diseases and chronic disorders. We are developing a simple and robust new platform to evaluate the next generation of immunotherapeutics treatments at pre-clinical stage. This platform is called Immune Complex Phagocytic Assessment (ICPA). It aims to test and validate in vitro and in vivo new vaccines, immunotherapies and even immunomodulatory drugs for their capacity to target specific antigens and degrade those in our blood stream by our immune cells. This platform can be applied to amyloid Alzheimer?s disease, AIDS, cancer and bacterial infection, etc. This approach could find implications in future immunotherapies, and could be used to develop new assays and biomarkers to monitor the immunological response to candidate therapeutics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephane Richard


Xi Lin Chen


PAIRimmune Inc






McGill University



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