A New High-Speed Warehousing Cable Robot: Prototyping, Evaluation and Commercialization

As consumer preferences shift from shopping at brick and mortar stores to on-line shopping, there is an increased need for warehouses to use automated systems that fill orders quickly and accurately. This research project will design a warehouse robot that is adaptable to different platform systems and shelving configurations, providing a lighter, faster, and more cost-effective warehousing system. Key competitive advantages to our partner, Dematic, include (1) orders filled 30% faster than current systems, (2) the flexibility to adjust the robot for different weight/capacity requirements, (3) a smaller footprint with higher storage density, and (4) lower capital, running and maintenance costs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amir Khajepour


Laaleh Durali


Dematic Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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