A New Method of Measuring Soot Compositions in Aerosols

Particulate matter emitted from combustion engines is a problem due to negative health effects, effect on climate, and reduction of visibility. Soot is a type of particulate matter that is of particular concern to climate scientists and automobile manufacturers. Previously, it was difficult to measure the amount of material that is not black carbon on soot particles. This project will utilize advances in aerosol science to quickly and accurately measure the percent of material that is not black carbon on soot particles. The experiment will use a burner to produce a soot aerosol then filter particles of a specified size. The amount of black carbon in each soot particle will be measured. The data will then be processed using an inversion algorithm. The methodology and software produced in the project will be shared with Cambustion for future Research and Development efforts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jason Olfert


Kurtis Broda



Engineering - mechanical



University of Alberta


Accelerate International

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