A new technological paradigm for low-cost, decentralized vaccine manufacture at point-of-use

Vaccines are a vital part of society’s arsenal for preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Since they are challenging to produce, vaccine manufacturing is largely concentrated in select locations in the developed world. This situation presents steep obstacles to transporting them to people in the developing world who need them the most. Moreover, transportation and storage comprises roughly half the cost of a vaccine dose. We propose to innovate how vaccines are manufactured and delivered by developing a disposable and portable manufacturing platform for deployment in low-resource and isolated settings. We will work closely with Sanofi Pasteur and apply principles of engineering design, synthetic biology and chemical process engineering to achieve our goals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vikramaditya Yadav


Athanasios Kritharis


Sanofi Pasteur


Engineering - chemical / biological


Life sciences




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