A novel analgesic in a surgical model of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of joint disease affecting over 80% of the human population above 75 years old and burdening health organizations worldwide. Osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive joint degeneration resulting in chronic pain and loss of joint function. Currently there is no cure for osteoarthritis; available treatments are only symptomatic targeting pain and are associated with significant side effects, emphasizing the need for new treatments.

Isovaline is a novel analgesic which showed remarkable effects in several pain models without producing central nervous system side effects. The current study will examine the analgesic profile of isovaIine in mice; we will assess the efficacy of isovaIine in alleviating the signs of osteoarthritis and restoring the ability of the mice which underwent surgical destabilization of the knee joint to exercise voluntarily. The effect of isovaline will be compared to dicIofenac, and morphine the currently drugs of choice for osteoarthritic pain.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bernard Macleod


Nada Sallam


TherExcell Pharma






University of British Columbia



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