A novel, bioactive compound, found in the leaves and bark of a tree species abundant on the west coast of British Columbia, as a candidate natural pesticide

In nature, plants have evolved sophisticated defense mechanisms against insects, fungi, and other pests. When isolated, many of these chemicals have tremendous potential as natural pesticides, as they pose little threat to the environment, are non-toxic to the user, and are readily biodegradable. Recent research has determined a correlation between a novel compound found at significant concentration in a tree species abundant on the west coast of Canada, and increased resistance to leaf eating pests. The primary focus of this study will be to test this compound as a potential natural pesticide. The compound will be extracted and purified for testing against insects and fungi. If insecticidal or fungicidal activity is observed, the intern will formulate the compound into a natural pesticide formulation for eventual licensing by the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Constabel


Carmen Lea


EcoSafe Natural Products Inc.








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