A novel home cage testing environment for frontal cortical neuronal recording in marmosets – Year two

Marmosets are a valuable model for investigating the neural bases of behaviour and cognition, and there has been a substantial increase in marmoset use in translational neuroscience research over the last few years. A comfortable environment is critical for marmoset neurophysiological testing. At Rogue Research the fellow will be involved in developing a unique apparatus that attaches to the monkeys’ homecage and will permit automated neurophysiological testing using a touchscreen, reward systems, variety of sensors, and physiological setups for recording brain activity during research tasks. In testing the apparatus, several marmosets will be trained on a series of working memory tasks followed by the acquisition of neurophysiology data. This product will significantly simplify the process of training and recording from marmosets by different investigators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Petrides


Veronika Zlatkina


Rogue Research Inc




Life sciences




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