A Novel Methodology for Online Measurement of Fly Ash Degradation of Amine Solutions

Solvent degradation in carbon capture plants due to the influence of fly ash is very costly and requires frequent replacement of the solvent used. Solvent replacement cost is the main hurdle to the deployment of Carbon Capture and Sequestration technologies. The proposed online analytical method would be a great tool in managing daily operations of the plant. It can also be used in troubleshooting operations, and in deciding on the optimum time for plant maintenance. Information about fly ash’s effect on solvent degradation is very scarce and no data is available from actual plant operations. If successful, this technique will allow for the collection of data and correlate them to other plan operational issues. This study will provide valuable information necessary for operating cost optimization of the flue gas cleanup, including further particulate removal versus the cost of amine management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amr Henni


Devjyoti Nath;Firuz Philip


The International CCS Knowledge Centre





University of Regina



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