A Photovoice Study of Settlement Experiences and Needs of Recent Immigrant Men in Central Alberta

Red Deer College, together with the Red Deer Local Immigration Partnership (RDLIP), received Mitacs Accelerate funding to research the settlement experiences of recent immigrant men to Central Alberta. There have been concerted efforts from the federal, provincial, and municipal governments to attract and retain newcomers in mid-size cities and rural communities in Canada; nevertheless, the overall settlement experiences and needs of newcomers in these communities have not received much empirical investigation; this is especially the case among immigrant men. This research will examine settlement experiences of recent immigrant men in Central Alberta to address the knowledge gap. The research team will share research findings with community members, settlement services provider organizations, and policymakers through Photovoice exhibition, conference presentation, and publication in an academic journal.

Faculty Supervisor:

Choon-Lee Chai;Jones Adjei


Sarah Orcutt


Red Deer Local Immigration Partnership




Fisheries and wildlife


Red Deer College



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