A Pilot Clinical Study of Treating Pressure Ulcers in patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Pressure ulcers are among the top five leading causes of re-hospitalization in patients with spinal cord injuries (SCI). Unfortunately, current conventional prevention and treatment methods have neither decreased the prevalence of these ulcers nor significantly improved their outcomes. To address this difficulty, here, we will test the efficacy of our new liquid skin substitute to fill up the non-healing wounds where the skin solidified and promotes the healing process. Our plan in a pilot study is to treat 12 patients who pressure non-healing wounds did not heal in the previous 3 months. Liquid skin will be applied layer by layer every 24 hours until the wound bed is filled up and dressed according to the UBC wound clinic instructions. Wounds will be monitored daily and healing outcome will be compared with that of untreated wounds for the previous 3 months.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aziz Ghahary


Layla Nabai


Rick Hansen Institute




Medical devices




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