A pilot study to examine the effect of pea protein on limiting the loss of muscle mass during weight loss

Roquette, the fifth largest global producer of food ingredients, is building the world’s largest pea processing plant in Manitoba. Pea protein is a plant-based alternative to animal protein, which is used for many applications, particularly for improving health by replacing fats and sugars. The objective of this clinical study is to determine whether pea protein is equivalent or better than whey protein for retaining muscle in persons on a weight loss regimen. A total of 60 obese men and women will be placed on reduced calorie diets that contain either whey protein or pea protein or maltodextrin, a non-protein comparator. The participants will be monitored for changes in weight, muscle mass, fat mass and energy expenditure over a 12 week period. If the pea protein performs well, Roquette will be able to use this information as a new strategy for marketing its pea protein ingredient beyond its current applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Zahradka


Jaime Lynn Clark


Roquette Canada






University of Manitoba


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