A Preliminary Overview of the Impacts of COVID-19 in the Republic of Malawi

Future Ancestors Services seeks to build a database that explores the teachings of various peoples around the world and what ancestry and ancestral accountability means to them in the context of current socio-political and environmental issues. This research project explores the ways in which the lived experiences of black people in Sub-Saharan Africa impact their experience and understanding of COVID-19, and how the disease has been harmful at not just a physical level, but also a spiritual and emotional level. Future Ancestors Services will be using the results of this research project to advocate for better pandemic response policies in Canada at a government level that takes into account the lived experiences of marginalised communities; and, providing effective low-cost pandemic response plans to racialized communities and community out-reach groups.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Crighton


Chukwudum Odenigbo


Future Ancestors Services Inc.


Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Ottawa



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