A Process Integration Approach of CO2 Sequestration to Marketable Products

The catalytic CO2 reforming process provides a sequestration alternative that holds promise for a viable solution for dealing with industrial gaseous effluents containing greenhouse gases CH4 and CO2. The process converts these gases to syngas (CO and H2) which can be used for synthesis for high value chemicals. The catalyst for the dry reforming process has been developed by Enerkem and is being scaled up by an industrial partner for implementation in an industrial sized reactor. Further, the syngas produced from this process can be used for an environment friendly alternative route for carbonylation step utilizing bio-based methanol/DME that could lead to higher value products ranging from acetic acid to acrylic acid. The final project deliverable would be an integrated process flow diagram (PFD) with stream tables with materials and energy balance with performance as indicated and reduces the green house emissions as projected.

Faculty Supervisor:

Natalia Semagina


Khaled Sebakhy




Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy




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