A randomized control trial comparing weight loss effects between the Keyto virtual “ketogenic diet” program compared to a standard-care weight loss app

Over 60% of overweight or obese individuals attempt weight loss diets each year. Although many different dietary approaches can lead to weight loss, increasing evidence suggests that a very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet may have superior metabolic and weight loss effects. However, any diet is only as effective as adherence to it and adherence requires effective self-monitoring. While many evidence-based dietary programs are time and resource-intensive, Keyto is a scalable self-monitoring and app-enhanced intervention to help individuals learn about and monitor their breath acetone (a measure of ketosis) levels to promote dietary change and weight loss. Keyto has reported anecdotal success but would like robust evidence supporting the use of this low-cost, highly scalable intervention to help self-monitor and adhere to a ketogenic diet. The purpose of this research is to test the Keyto self-monitoring + app intervention against a “standard of care” mHealth weight loss dietary intervention.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan Little


Sean Locke


Keyto Inc




Health care and social assistance



Accelerate International

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