A real-time wideband underwater localization system using passive acoustic monitoring

This project provides a software solution for detecting, classifying, and tracking moving sound sources underwater from the generated sounds. Generally, monitoring shipping traffic largely rely on the automatic identification systems (AIS) installed on the vessels. The ability to track these vessels is at the mercy of the functionality of the transponders onboard the vessels and the reliability of the communication link to the base stations. Similarly, to detect and track marine mammals, underwater tags are often embedded on them to provide information about their specific locations. In this project, real-time tracking algorithms are developed on embedded platforms for the detection, localization, and classification of moving sources over a wide bandwidth. The developed system will provide more information in real-time about moving sources in comparison to the existing AIS. The passive solution is also an attractive surveillance solution.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Francois Bousquet


Afolarin Egbewande


Springboard Atlantic


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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