A Review on the Sustainable Development in the Minerals Industry Conference Series

We propose to investigate the evolution of sustainable development in the mineral extraction industry over the past 12 years. In 2003 the first Sustainable Developing in the Minerals Industry (SDIMI) conference was held where attending engineers, government officials, researchers, technical experts and non-governmental organizations, adopted the “Milos Declaration” which stated they as a community would develop and promote sustainable practices within the mineral extraction industry. In 2015 the SDIMI conference series will be reviewing their mandate and putting forth a revised “12+ Milos Declaration”. To provide context for the committee, conference attendees and major conference partner, EduMine, an investigation of the evolution of sustainable development is necessary to grass the conferences impact in academia and industry. Funded by EduMine and the MITACS Accelerate program, a intern will conduct a literature review, develop a database of past conference topics and create a report and an academic paper from their findings.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dirk van Zyl


Brandon Nichols






Mining and quarrying


University of British Columbia



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