A Step Towards a Lower Carbon Future: Integrating Closed Loop Geothermal Technology in District Cooling Applications

This research aims to provide an affordable, clean energy alternative to meet the world’s cooling demands. As global warming, urbanization, and society’s dependency on digital storage increases, the world’s cooling demands continue to rapidly grow with predictions showing that they will outweigh heating demands by 2060. The majority of these demands are currently being met with the use of fossil fuels. Through the use of proprietary Eavor-Loop technology (joined horizontal wells acting like a subsurface heat exchanger), geothermal energy can become a feasible, reliable, scalable solution. This research will design an Eavor Cooling System and determine the feasibility based on process simulations, economics, available applications, and environmental benefits. The newly designed cooling system will open up a world of opportunities for companies and governments looking to transition into a lower-carbon future with a truly renewable energy that’s not plagued with intermittency, geological, or geographical problems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roman J Shor


Erin Lea


Eavor Technologies






University of Calgary



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