A study of extraneous environmental factors that contribute to bird and bat mortalities caused by wind turbines in Nova Scotia

Post-construction monitoring and bird and bat carcass searches will be performed over two terms from mid-May to the end of June, and mid-October to mid-August at 8 wind energy sites around Nova Scotia. The data collected will be collected at each site 3 times per week at first light and will include counts, species, time and setting. The data from the post-construction monitoring surveys will be analyzed and correlated with extraneous environmental factors, such as weather events and proximity to important habitat features, contributing to bird and bat mortalities at wind energy sites in Nova Scotia. The results will be used by Strum Consulting to inform wind energy developers on planning, development and site selection as well as potentially municipal, provincial and federal policy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kate Sherren


Meagan Bernier


Strum Consulting


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


Dalhousie University



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