A Study on the Durability and Service Life of Concrete Gravity Base Structures (Phase 1, 2)

The project focuses on the development of some HPC mixtures using concrete materials available in Newfoundland. The developed HPC mixtures can be successfully used by concrete suppliers in Newfoundland area especially for the construction of marine and offshore structures. The project also aims to provide data-based analysis on the service life of some local concrete mixtures to be used in gravity base structures. The data-based analysis will give the designers/engineers a vision about the expected service life time of some common concrete mixtures and can assist decision makers to address uncertainty regarding the decommissioning of offshore structures especially if the reuse decision was favored.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Assem Hassan


Hossam Alalaily & Ahmed Abouhussien


Stantec Consulting Ltd.




Construction and infrastructure


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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