A Sustainability Evaluation of Post-harvest Fisheries Opportunities for First Nations in Nova Scotia

Many First Nation communities are now exploring and developing post-harvest livelihood activities related to the purchase, transformation, and sale of catch from band harvesters. This research will assess post-harvest businesses currently operating within NS Mi’kmaq communities, and new livelihood opportunities currently being considered by Mi’kmaq Band Councils and entrepreneurs. This assessment will focus on the overall sustainability of the fishery operations, including social, economic, environmental, and cultural factors, among others. The aim of this work is to determine what post-harvest activities are currently being explored and help in weighing the potential positive and negative implications on the economy, environment, culture, and other aspects of NS Mi’kmaq communities. This work is significant as it will assist NS Mi’kmaq communities in further developing post-harvest livelihood activities to support new business developments and sustainable livelihoods.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jerry Bannister


Omar Sickander


Nexus Coastal Resource Management




Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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