A ubiquitous positioning solution for head-mounted sensors

While GPS has become the de-facto standard for positioning, its availability and accuracy are hindered by attenuations. Positioning using vision-based systems is becoming an attractive solution due to its infrastructure-less architecture and its wide integration into portable devices. This work aims to develop novel vision-based algorithms for head-mounted sensors that would solve various problems such as finding the user direction of travel irrespective of their head orientation, finding the presence of obstacles and navigating away from them, and evaluating the performance of combining vision and inertial sensors algorithms and comparing them in terms of accuracy versus complexity. The proposed research is at the core needs of the sponsoring company, Recon Instruments, as the developed algorithms will be directly applied to the company’s suite of goggles and eyewear that comes equipped with a vision-based system. The algorithms developed will promote a safer ride and a more precise navigation solution.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edward Park


Ahmed Arafa


Recon Instruments Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Media and communications


Simon Fraser University



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